Saturday, November 30, 2013


It's the last day and I got nothing but 13% on my phone battery and no charger, a hot hand on my leg, a craving for chocolate, and a Seinfeld episode on deck.

I do have this a pretty little list of 30 blog posts all crammed into one November heading.

Which feels pretty ok. I like some things I wrote that I would not have written otherwise. I make no promises beyond this point, I will be focusing on new challenges--like running again. Maybe. I won't commit to anything until I'm good and ready.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Emily D.

Wrote on envelopes
In a very thoughtful way
Not the way I would grab a
Receipt or tear up old homework
She pre-cut and had a plan
All ready at her desk
For her
The poet
With her giant pocket sewn into her dress
And a perfect, short pencil
Resting within
And maybe a letter

"...Dickinson was not blindly grabbing scraps in a rush of inspiration, as is most often supposed, but rather reaching for surfaces that were most likely collected and cut in advance, prepared for the velocity of mind."

This is from a review in Poetry magazine by Jen Bervin about the new book called The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems.

The poems do stand alone but they are fullest in their flapular space, so I won't write one here.
It's on my Powell's wish list, and you should consider it as a gift for any poetry lover in your life...Xo

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Exactly what you'd expect

Not even going to try to be original. This is my gratitude list:

1. My husband who is also my sweetest, most intimate friend. 

2. My body, which, while it doesn't always do what I want it to do, is strong and healthy and gets me through everyday with very little issue.

3. This city, rain or shine, and always discovering new luscious corners.

4. Being able to fill a plate like this. Anyday. Wow. Amazing life.

5. Having the freedom, awareness, and ability to know what special diets my family needs to feel their best and being able to create delicious dishes that make them feel pampered and loved. 

6. Whipped cream, laughter, and this girl:

7. More laughter and also this girl:

8. Finally: technology, poetry, my beautiful home, and my super supportive friends and family. 

So much goodness in my life, it's a little stunning. Hope everyone had a fulfilling and reflective day. Xo

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27: Three pictures with small narratives

Today, I did something I've never done which is get up at the buttcrack of dawn to be there when a very special bakery opened it's doors. Izzy came with me and it was totally worth it: cheesy biscuits, brownies, baguettes, stuffing bread cubes, and rustic dinner rolls....crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, but all gluten free. New Cascadia Bakery, I think we have a new day-before-thanksgiving tradition....

Ok, Hanukkah, kind of strange being the day before Turkey Day feast but I'll whip up some latkes. This was the first time I've pulled out an Avia recipe since she passed and it got choked up. (I always add an egg to each batch, too...)

Are your kids vaccinated for Google-y Eye Pox??? This boy clearly wasn't....oh no! Turkey and cranberry sauce is the cure, thank goodness. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Upon my exit

Upon my exit
I will leave behind
A mound of pistachio shells
And empty wine bottles
A tube of exquisite lip balm
A dirty minivan
An unborn breeding of potential
Talent and feature sewn into three bodies
And personal values up for grabs in the
Distracted atmosphere
A storm of whirling dervishes
And a man
A freshly broken and wonderful man
And a half of a king bed
Covered in neutral cotton

A thousand walks
and thousand fucks untaken
Ten thousand dishes unbaked and unwashed
And a millions precious kisses unplanted

Monday, November 25, 2013

I heart: Possessions

I'll just go ahead and admit it. Beautiful things give me pleasure. Clothing, shoes, furniture, jewelry, household items, and art. If it pleases my eye, it delights me. A sign hung in the house of Payson's father-in-law "Beware of your possession, for they may possess you" or something to that effect. Today, I my iPhone was stolen from the bathroom of the library; I misplaced it there and remembered 10 minutes later, but it was gone and for the next hour no one turned it in. Perhaps it is only lost. I am not upset by this, it is only a phone with some convenient information. It is not those possessions that sway me. It is the ones of rarity and beauty, and while my phone in some ways is beautiful it is far from rare. From Blake's side of the family we have many family heirlooms--jewelry and art, that not only is lovely but collectable, and also has sentiment. We will simultaneously enjoy and carry the burden of these possessions until we pass it on to out children. Which generation will finally say "enough!" and send it all to Goodwill? Now I am chained to my laptop and want to be in bed with my husband, so I will leave this as a half-developed idea, and just end, without pictures to prove it, that I love love love beautiful things but I do not believe they possess me. Finding the beauty in people always comes first.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Green eyes

My oldest doesn't half-ass anything...except maybe taking out the recycling. When she is "in to" something, she goes all out--learns all the tricks, all the facts, and somehow turns every conversation back to her current obsession. (Yeah, it can get annoying...but I dig her passion!)

She read the Hunger Game books at least 30 times each (seriously), she knows the birthdays and favorite things of all the band members of her favorite bands, she is a skilled Anime artist and she is teaching herself Japanese, just because. As a black eyeliner wearer since fourth grade, she also can paint a beautiful eye. Look at that lovely face! I am looking to her to teach me many things in my lifetime through her dedication, style, creativity, and leadership. Dear daughter, I have my eye on you!